The spirit of competitive programming lives on in our circuit, and we want to share it with you. Let's digress from work tasks and program something unusual. Free the evenings, gather a team, write bots and send them to battle in intergalactic battles.

When : July 6-12
Where : online

What happened?

Code Challenge is the first open online competition from Contour for hardcore engineers. The sandbox is already open, and the contest itself will begin in the evening, on Monday, July 6, and will last 7 days. Together we will try to break through to the center of the universe through enemy ships and planets of ancient civilizations. Of course, with the help of code and quests.

If you've heard about the ICFP Contest , CodinGame or Google Code Jam , you will definitely like what we have prepared.

What is the essence of the contest?

In every corner of the galaxy there are continuous battles for the championship. Fleets under the control of tactical bots participate in battles. We will program our bot (in C #, JS, Python or 1C%)), control spaceships, defeat enemies and capture new planets. Artifacts of ancient civilizations will help to pump the tactical bot, but it will not be easy to find them: they are all hidden and encrypted.

Why is this interesting?

The ability to write bots is unlikely to be useful to someone at work, but competitive programming is developing. In such competitions it is impossible to take the first strategy that comes across - you have to sort out ideas, test them in practice and bring them to working condition. The competition gives an occasion to read about complex algorithms, understand and apply them.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is connected in one way or another with the development can compete: programmers, testers, managers, analysts, designers, etc. Fighting with enemy civilizations and competing units alone is possible, but difficult - it’s better to assemble a team. The maximum number of participants per team is 7 people.

How to start?

The captain must register a team . This can be done not only before the competition, but also during it. We organized the battle in such a way that it will be interesting to play, even if you start much later than the rest. No one except the captain needs to register: it is enough to agree on participation among themselves and tell us the size of the team.

In the evening of July 6, we will open a portal for combat units and begin the Intergalactic battle. The link to the game and the keys to the sandbox will arrive to the team captains in the mail in advance. There will be time to learn the rules and launch their ships in the first test flights.

And if we win?

For teams that beat everyone else, we will give certificates to Ozon .

Heroes of the sword Bresenham and magic Chebysheva , into battle!