The pandemic once again recalled the importance of developing all non-contact. It is much safer to pay with an NFC chip in a smartphone instead of cards or cash, and if the smartphone also supports face recognition instead of entering a PIN code or fingerprint, it’s generally good. All this applies not only to payment for services and goods, but also to other areas of life, especially those that are tied to identity verification.

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And there is where to turn around solutions based on biometrics. Recognition of voice, face, retina, non-contact analysis of fingerprints and vein pattern, analysis of gait features - all this gradually becomes a familiar present, and to some extent necessary technology. The contactless biometric technology segment in 2019 has already been estimated by experts at almost $ 6.2 billion, and by 2027 an increase of 20.3% is projected annually.

Our forum #btechday will bring together leading biometric technology developers and world experts - there will be speakers from ID R & amp; D, VisionLabs, NtechLab, RT Labs, BIOSMART, BI Solutions, MDG group of companies, Russian Biometric Society and more. There will be two blocks - plenary, with discussions of current market challenges, and technological, directly about solutions and their implementation. We will discuss the experience of different countries and companies, cases of using ML and computer vision.

Participation is free, the event program is under the cut.

10: 00-11: 30 Market challenges

Plenary Unit

  • Accelerating the trends of contactless biometric technologies as a response to market challenges during the pandemic.
  • Unified biometric system: transformation in new conditions.
  • Countrywide biometrics.

Moderator: Danila Nikolaev, Director, Russian Biometric Society


Ivan Berov , Director of Digital Identity, Rostelecom
Yuri Shabanov , Head of Project Support, Strategic Projects Implementation Department, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media
Vladislav Onishchenko , First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Dubynin , Deputy Director, Department of Financial Technologies, Bank of Russia
Denis Kalinin , Managing Director, Head of AI, MinTech (China)
Jidong Chen , General Manager of ZOLOZ, Ant Group/Alipay
Sergey Larin , Advisor to the General Director for Development, Concern Avtomatika
Lyubov Stalnova , Marketing Director, Octava Plant
Sergey Eliseev , co-owner and director of business development in the field of government projects, X INFOTECH

11: 30-18: 00 Contactless world

Technology Unit

12.15-12.20 Moderator: Ramaz Chiaureli, Presenter, Kommersant FM

12.20-12.45 Platform for any biometrics. Problems and Solutions
Sergey Brown, Deputy Director of Digital Identity, RTLabs

12.45-13.10 Andrey Shurygin, Sberbank

13.10-13.35 Practice of Biometric Identification and Authentication in Financial Inclusion
Jidong Chen, General Manager of ZOLOZ, Ant Group/Alipay

13.35-14.00 Masked Recognition
Grigory Vinokurov, Business Development Director, Ntechlab

14.00-14.25 Biometric Products of Rostelecom in a pandemic | Vladislav Filippov, Director, Promising Products Department, RTLabs

14.25-14.50 Masked Recognition
Thermal imaging systems as a means of collective security during a pandemic
Alexander Khanin, Founder and Chairman of the Management Board of VisionLabs

14.50-15.15 Promising technology for pattern recognition using AI
Denis Serechenko, Director of Digital Transformation, Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia Region

15.15-15.40 Video identification and voice services in a pandemic | Andrey Khrulev, Business Development Director, Biometric Systems, MDG Group of Companies

15.40-16.05 Behavioral Biometry
Rinat Anisimov, Founder, Development Director, Member of the Board of Directors, Smart Security

05.16-16.30 Remote account opening in Southeast Asia as a flexible response to COVID-19
Donal Greene, Regional Manager EMEA at Innovatrics

16.30-16.55 Non-contact biometry on the face and veins. Case Studies
Alexander Dremin, CEO, BIOSMART

16.55-17.20 The latest vulnerabilities of biometric systems and approaches to combat the most pressing threats
Oleg Kovpak, Product Director, ID R & amp; D

17.20-17.45 Passive liveness detection
Sergey Egorov, Director of Biometric Technologies, BI Solutions

Moderator: Ramaz Chiaureli, Presenter, Kommersant FM

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If you are interested in biometric technologies and want to know how they will soon improve and apply them, join the forum. You can register until July 6, 18:00 .