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Who is Richard Levellord Gray
Richard is a legendary level game designer, game creator Duke Nukem 3D, SiN , Blood . Richard also created several levels for Quake: Scourge of Armagon .

He made a significant contribution to the way games are designed now - he is the author of the first map of the “islands in the void” view, which are now considered level classics.

He is also the father of one of the first Easter eggs in games, the famous inscription “You are not supposed to be here” on the wall in a hidden room in Duke Nukem.

Richard has been living in Russia in recent years, but is stuck in Dallas right now because of the Covid-19 epidemic, misses Russia very much and will be happy to meet with the Russian guys and sit as if he is already in Moscow.

Richard is currently consulting Mundfish with their new Atomic Heart game, the first AAA game created by the Russian team.

Where the broadcast will take place

This is the first broadcast that will take place on two platforms at once: our youtube channel and live in our Instagram . Subscribe to the platform that you like best, turn on notifications and get a push when the broadcast starts.

How to enable push on each platform
Instagram - pushies will only come from a specific account
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What Richard will happily talk about:

  • About Russia, about being stuck in Texas, about the craziness of peace on the Crown
  • About Moscow and why love it
  • Little projects that he did, but the world never saw them
  • Becky Brogan Adventures is the last professional game Richard made and why he loves to work in a team of one person - himself.Why is it almost impossible to make indie toys alone
  • How Richard designs and consults at Levelord Games
  • Game Garden and Dou Dou Games
  • Work with the HSE School of Business Informatics, work with Slava Utochkin
  • 20th Anniversary Edition of Duke Nukem with Gearbox
  • Working with Balanced Media, HEWMEN
  • Atomic Heart - why is this the first AAA game that Richard is waiting for, the project team, does he like the atmosphere, history, technology
  • Motion capture, VR, AR, and other technologies that inspire Richard

How do I ask Richard a question?

There are 3 ways:

  1. in the comments on this post on Instagram
  2. in comments to this article on Habr
  3. in the comments right during the stream - on YouTube and Instagram

Priority is given to questions asked on Instagram. Then there were questions during the stream, then Habr comments. If you are not on the air, but you asked a question, they will answer it anyway.

Will there be a translation into Russian?

Yes. The air will be on a dual screen, and a girl will connect to Richard and will translate everything he says into Russian and help him with the translation of difficult questions.

Will there be air recording and decryption?

Yes. We always make transcripts of all meetings that we conduct online in our Instagram . Decryption will appear on Habré in a week.

Remind time and place

Start : 8 p.m. Saturday, June 20
Where : our youtube , or instagram

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