In the last post , I talked about what opportunities Google provides for students and educational institutions. For those who missed it, I’ll briefly remind you: at 33 I went to graduate school in Latvia and discovered the wonderful world of free opportunities for students to learn from market leaders, as well as for teachers to make their classes closer to the market. This post will focus on what Microsoft students and educators offer.

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Office 365 for education

No matter how many different free alternatives exist, the 3 most popular Office programs — Word, Excel, PowerPoint — remain the most convenient, as for me. LibreOffice is still a bit clumsy visually, and Google Docs has a bit less formatting options.

Fortunately, if your school or university provides you with e-mail, you can receive a certain package yourself . Centrally create an account for an educational institution, as well as see the full list of available features>click here .

Azure for students

Naturally, there were some bonuses for access to Azure, the cloud services provided by Microsoft. Residents of more than 140 countries can get free access to 25 cloud services and development tools , as well as $ 100 for balance, which can be used for other services. After 12 months, if you are still a student, the amount and validity period can be “reset”.

Teachers are traditionally offered a larger amount - $ 200. Materials for practical work available to everyone.

To get buns, again, you need an e-mail of an educational institution, but you do not need a credit card (I remind you that it is required to register a regular trial account). But that is not all. The package also includes some nice buns:

Training materials

Inside the Azure classroom, short practical training materials are available for students to reveal and touch the platform with playful pens. Great for accrued $ 100.

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Development tools and tools

The list here is quite extensive. From what interested me: Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise (used on one of the items, because CLion did not have the necessary features), Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project (useful on another subject), Windows 10 Education (just useful), server Windows versions...

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Free access to a selection of courses on completely different topics relating to both Microsoft products and development in general. However, this platform may not be so interesting, some courses are quite old, and there is practically no interactivity there. Just video lectures.

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Another selection of courses, more interactive. Access is granted only to a limited set of courses sponsored by Microsoft. There are also common themes here, and specifically on working with Azure features.

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Microsoft Learn

Another selection of training materials for exams and certifications from Microsoft.All lectures and lessons are available without SMS and registration , but to save progress it is better to log in using any Microsoft account. Training on materials available online is completely free. True, you have to pay for the certification itself, if you suddenly want to get it.

Teacher Center

A certain selection of materials is also available for teachers. Teacher Center - a selection of lectures and courses that help you learn how to conduct classes more efficiently using Microsoft technology. I can’t say how interesting and useful they are, to be honest. But if you are in the know - write, I will add to the article.

Instead of a conclusion

Hope it was helpful. Share information with familiar students, teachers, and deans. If you know any other educational suggestions from Microsoft, write in the comments. Subscribe to us in order not to miss the continuation of the various educational opportunities.

We also want to offer all students a 50% discount on their first year of using our hosting services and Cloud VPS , as well as VPS with dedicated drives . To do this, you need to register with us , place an order and, without paying for it, write a ticket to the sales department, providing a photo yourself with your student. A sales employee will adjust your order value in accordance with the terms of the promotion.

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