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We continue to review the range of Snom IP phones and today have prepared a review for you on the phone with the largest number of physical function keys from our line - the Snom D725 model.


Unpacking and packaging

As always in our reviews, we will consider the equipment and packaging of the device. The box is quite compact, it contains information about the model and software version of the phone.

Options include:

  • Telephone
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stand
  • Category 5E Ethernet Cable
  • Handset and twisted cord to connect it



Let's take a closer look at the phone. The main feature of the device is a large number of BLF keys, there are 18 of them. Most modern phones use several pages of the screen to monitor the status of such a large number of subscribers, but let's be honest, few people use all the pages in this case because of the need to turn over, and in this case, all subscribers are always in sight - each on its own key. The disadvantage of such a device is the need to manually sign the name of the keys, but the phone user will definitely remember the location of the subscriber numbers on these keys and can find the button he needs very quickly.


The case of the device is made in classic black color, the plastic of the case is pleasant to the touch, slightly rough, not easily soiled. There are a large number of keys on the case, not even counting the BLF buttons, but they are located very compactly, which is why the phone itself is quite modest in size.


The screen on this unit is black and white, with a large font and bright backlight. Under the screen there are four sub-screen function keys, just below the navigation key. The joystick on this phone is made in the form of a round key with four directions of pressing, on the left and right of it there are confirmation and cancel buttons. To the right of the last is the record key. The keys of this unit are located quite discharged, for the convenience of controlling the phone.

A little lower are the already mentioned eighteen BLF keys. They occupy the central part of the front panel of the device and are located so as to be constantly in the user's field of vision - in sight. So the employee will always see the status of subscribers important to him and, if necessary, will be able to transfer or intercept an important call.


Phone connectors are located on its rear panel. Here are located: 4-pin EHS micro-lift connector, gigabit PC and NET ports, power supply connector, handset and headset ports, and a USB port. Most of them are accessed from below under the stand.

The stand itself is a two-position, depending on the side of the phone mount, it provides angles of inclination of the case of 46 or 28 degrees, allowing the user to position the phone case convenient for his vision.

Software and setup


The telephone setup interface is simple.By default, there are no bright colors in it - the main here is the functionality and ease of setup. However, if you need it, you can change it, use your own color scheme or change the icons. Learn how to do this - read our articles .

The D725's BLF keys do not have a preset, but the key setup process itself is very, very concise. The user only needs to hold down the desired key for a few seconds, after which it is enough to select the function for the key from the impressive list of proposed keys and fill in the fields necessary for its operation, for example, indicate the number of the subscriber to monitor his status using BLF.

Functionality and operation

Turn on the phone and once again pay attention to the display. It more than harmoniously fits into the design of the device, displaying all the necessary information and not distracting from the main thing - BLF-keys.

The keys are located close enough so as not to take up much space and far enough so that when you click on one of them, the user does not touch adjacent keys. The keystrokes are pleasant, soft, with clear feedback. The indication attracts attention, but does not blind or ruffle, the eye does not get tired of watching the change in the indication of the keys.


Most Snom phones do not have a release trigger, the D725 is no exception, the physical trigger has been replaced by an electronic trigger. Getting rid of the mechanical part increases reliability, while the tube itself lies on the device much denser, held by rubber seals, and lays down softly and predictably.

The "filling" of the tube was finalized by our company in an acoustic laboratory, and this is felt when using the phone for its main purpose. The sound is dense, clear and moderately loud, all the intonations of the interlocutor are distinguishable. At the “other end” you are also well heard - the microphone perfectly captures the voice and the interlocutors of your employee, whether it is a secretary or manager, do not have to strain your ears when communicating.


When you switch the conversation to speakerphone, your interlocutor will hardly notice the difference. The sound becomes only a little more deaf, but it remains clear, loud, the microphone captures the voice very well. The speaker fully reproduces the range of voice frequencies of the interlocutor, you will also be comfortable using the speakerphone on this telephone.


As mentioned above, the phone has a USB connector. It is used to connect a USB headset, flash drive, DECT dongle A230, Wi-Fi module A210, as well as the D7 expansion panel. Pay attention to the latter.

The D7 expansion panel will significantly increase the already not small number of BLF keys available for tincture on the phone. Each of the panels offers the user 18 more additional keys, and up to 3 panels can be connected to one device by adding 54 more keys to the phone’s keys.


The A230 DECT dongle allows you to connect a DECT headset to the device, increasing employee mobility, or use the external Snom C52 SP speaker, which allows you to use the device in a large office or small meeting room.

The A210 Wi-Fi module is used to connect to Wi-Fi wireless networks. The module works with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, which allows you to connect the phone to the company's modern communication networks.

To summarize

Snom D725 is a phone with many keys and good sound. Who is he suitable for? Most likely for secretaries, managers and other employees who use a large number of function keys in their work. It fully performs the functions laid down in it, allows for simple setup and will serve as a good friend in the everyday life of your colleagues.