More than two months have passed since the release of the first part of our story about “udalenka’, during the quarantine. The time has come to take stock of our “adventures” in the second part.

Just some 6 months ago - who would have thought that our developers would switch to permanent remote work in principle? There were many questions for such a step, but the miracle ultimately happened. Just the case when it can be said that “misfortune helped” - after all, not without the influence of quarantine.


Before this “comrade” appeared in our life, more and more, the problem of placing developers in the office began to manifest itself, as their number grew and continues to grow by the day and by the clock. A second development office was even opened and a third was just around the corner.

Retreat. I am sure that some of you did not even know about this state of affairs with the number of developers in our walls. So at the interviews - guys come. WILDBERRIES? Well, yes, they heard - an online store. When it comes to the development of highly loaded systems, and we have enough of them, with more than 600 developers, the world “is no longer the same”. However, I’ll tell you about what we have in development in one of the following materials, because there are really many worthy projects. In the meantime, continue.

Like it or not, but choosing an office is a separate and not a quick song. Especially in the case of an office for IT’s employees. To be closer to the metro, with good transport interchange, the gym is closer, and even better right in the office, etc. Not that it was about some vagaries on the part of developers, but realities with a shortage of the latter in the labor market, in a sense, oblige.

And if in the found office we could still afford to install, in particular, massage chairs or a projector for mitaps, then to provide all our developers with the opportunity to work, for example, in the open air in their country house or near the sea on an ongoing basis - this was on the verge of fiction.

Quarantined practice hinted, and the coherence of the work of dev-teams showed that we are ready for such a turn of events in the form of a transition to a “digital office”. What is not worth fearing these notorious “on a remote site they will not work, but they will beat the bacilli”. Business, we must give it its due, reacted to this state of affairs with a statement - we are entering a new era. The era of "persistent udalenka".

By the way, about the transition - following this path, we were faced with the fact that not all developers have decent equipment for working at home, but it costs a lot. I don’t know what they do in other companies, but I’m happy to read about it in your comments - on the World Bank, they acted in such a way that they issued, in particular, the new MacBook Pro. I did not become capricious and took myself, as another would say: “so be it,” a 16-inch.

And now the quarantine is melting, the MacBook is working. It would seem... But what to do with a car that is idle without trips to the office and the offices themselves, which until recently were flooded with overflows from keystrokes when writing software?

In solidarity with those who consider the office to be an additional advantage rather than a necessity at work, we left only one office. At the moment, our IT’s employees have the opportunity to visit him if necessary, but only if there is one.
As for the office workplaces themselves, those with system units were dismantled. Now there is no binding to a particular table or chair. Just pre-book with your team the places convenient for you from the available places through the corporate portal and come. Again, if necessary.

In conclusion, I wanted to recall the working day schedule on “udalenka’, which resulted in the first part of the material and comment on it:

  1. Meetings with the team at 10 in the morning. This item remained in the team. I remember there were comments to him last time that the responsible employees did not need him, but there were also those who agreed with him. Say what you like - with all our IT stuff, we, as before, are social creatures and such meetings are beneficial.
  2. Mandatory workouts during the day, because at home - comfort and little movement. Definitely, the health item is left unchanged. Moreover, although rare, we have cases where part of the working day is spent, for example, in the karate dojo. This does not happen to everyone and not always, but this is a great opportunity to change the working environment.
  3. Use a calendar to plan your work day. Do not forget about smart watches with projecting schedules. The point without which the "udalenka" already seems impossible. We continue to use.
  4. Rules of good form in video communication with the team. Being, now, experts in working with Zoom, the guys, every now and then, screw the “lively" background in the form of the underworld, then the heavenly corners of our planet. One thing remains unchanged - do not broadcast, turn off the microphone, as well as vice versa. And then I’m sure that you have often come across a situation when you are talking about something, and after a while someone tells you that your microphone is muted.
  5. Lunch time reservation. It remains. Sometimes a hobby for work takes away from memories of dinner, so we put it on our schedule and do not forget about this important event. Speaking of lunch, I can not help but recall fasting days. On the "udalenka" began to practice one-day fasting. The team is slowly pouring into this part of the healthy lifestyle.
  6. Evening meetings about the work done. Didn’t take root. They refused, because in reality - this is superfluous.
  7. Keeping a worklog. Inevitable item
  8. In the case of a mobile office, in the evening - sports (for example, skiing/bicycle) and swimming in the sea. Now it’s not only in cases of a mobile office.

What is the situation after quarantine in your companies and teams? –Let in the comments. We will discuss.