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Every year, NeoQUEST helps us, our fellow security students and students Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University . Today we share important news for them and their entrants: the Polytechnic Institute created the Institute for Cybersecurity and Information Protection (ICB) !

More about what's new for IKB students - under the cut!

A bit of history

ITKarma pictureThe Polytechnic University has always paid special attention to cybersecurity: more than 20 years ago, it was the first civilian university to train information security specialists: in 1997, the Department of Information Security of Computer systems ”(IBKS). Among her graduates are Yandex Security Director, Bloomberg Security Consultant, Kaspersky Lab employees, Gazprom Neft PJSC, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Siemens.

Years of successful work allowed the IBS department to become the Higher School of Cybersecurity and Information Protection, and now - as a separate institution! Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize in the field of education and the Russian Government Prize in the field of science and technology, Dmitry Petrovich Zegzhda, was appointed Director of the ICB.

What's new?

1. From Information to Cyber ​​Security.

When studying at the ICD, the key emphasis will be on cybersecurity as a global trend in the development of the “information security” direction. Cybersecurity deals with a new class of systems (cyberphysical systems, digital production systems and the digital economy, etc.) and implies not only information protection, but the protection of complex systems in the “information field”, first of all, maintaining their correct functioning in the conditions attacks.

2. Practice Oriented Learning!

How often do safety students complain about lack of practice and an abundance of theoretical material? Yes, almost regularly! But IKB students will not have to complain - for practice-oriented training, special “game” virtual training grounds will be used that mimic the infrastructure of information, financial and industrial systems.

By working with them, students will gain skills:

  • pentesting ( penetration testing );
  • search for vulnerabilities, their exploitation and elimination;
  • counteraction to cyber attacks, including targeted ones;
  • application of artificial intelligence methods to real data to solve various information security problems.

We are sure that there will definitely not be any problems with a practice-oriented approach: back in 2012, the department (then the department!) IBKS took an active part in creating the first NeoQUEST (more about how it was, you can read in the early articles of our blog - about the results of the very first online stage of CTF and Announcement of the first Confrontation ).

ITKarma pictureDuring these 8 years of successful collaboration, we have managed to increase the NeoQUEST audience by more than 5 times, run cool workshops (last year’s drone gun workshop broke all records!) and meet a large number of security enthusiasts. Now every year we gather information security experts from all over Russia and a number of foreign countries (Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine) for the final hackquest, and the number of NeoQUEST guests exceeds 200 people.

In addition, IKB works closely with industry representatives, so virtual training grounds will simulate the information environment of real objects (modern factories, banking systems, etc.). And the scenarios that describe the safety problems that students will need to eliminate will repeat the real situations faced by the IBC partners.

Attention to applicants!

The procedure for admission of applicants in 2020 was formed in October 2019, so for now, do not look for ICB on the website of the admission campaign of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the State Service. But applicants should not worry: everyone who has submitted documents for a specialty starting with “ten” ( 10.03.01, 05.05.01, 10.05.03, 10.05.04 and 10.04.01 ), and successfully passed the competition, will study at the IKB!

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Training will be conducted in three areas: undergraduate, specialty (yes, a specialty in information security is still left!) And master's programs. And the reception, by the way, is promised to be increased in the future. Now, in 2020, it is 142 people (not counting 20 budget places for applicants to the magistracy).

To submit documents to IKB, you must choose one of the following areas ( in the personal account of the applicant on the SPbPU website or through the State Service portal) :

  • 03/10/01 - "Information Security", bachelor's degree;
  • 05/10/01 - "Computer Security", specialty;
  • 05.10.03 - "Information Security of Automated Systems", specialty;
  • 05/10/04 - "Information and analytical security systems", specialty;
  • 04/10/01 - "Information Security", magistracy.

Bon voyage!

Finally, we will inspire those who have not yet graduated from school, but are already seriously thinking about the career of an information security specialist: according to Rosstat , the direction of“ information security ”is consistently included in the Top 10 directions, whose graduates work in their specialty.

Of course, for a cybersecurity specialist, university education is just the beginning of an interesting career, and studying (studying and studying again!) IS can and should be done all your life, but when you have a solid foundation of practical skills, useful knowledge and skills behind your back, it is priceless! Good luck to all applicants 2020 !.