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The sequence is important.

Our world is entangled in numerous invisible bonds that we do not feel and often do not understand. And if you take the wrong step, the result will be...


Least. The goal will not be achieved, and there may be more dire consequences.
Foundation - walls - roof.

Otherwise, the house cannot be built, although there are options . As a result, interesting properties and capabilities of the system appear. An expert can change the sequence of actions, technology. That's why he is an expert. He understands how this or that field of knowledge is arranged. The essence of things to a certain extent.

Any system expressed mathematically through a graph (even with cycles) or a diagram can be easily put on a list. An electrical or UML circuit, an artificial neural network, or even... the universe!

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Count is a sequence.

Systems usually have connections that carry a functional load. Ideally, they should not be combined or mixed:

  • hot and cold water - 2 different pipes or subsystem connections
  • zero and phase in an electrician
  • ADC, PCINT, INT, PWM (data bus) in the microcontroller.

Previously, a simple example showed how complex relationships are ultimately expressed in simple lists. Functional basis is already defined. It all comes down to combinatorial backpack task .

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Connection options for the circuit. U1, U2, U3 - functions/blocks. A, B, C - typed parameters of functions. 1, 2, 3 - numbers of inputs and outputs of blocks.

The problem is solved using genetic algorithm .

Also used are some techniques to reduce the search space, rules of thumb. Registered target function .
But the most important thing is in what sequence are the relationships.

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Variants of compounds in tabular form (gene and chromosome combinations).
Note! If you start connecting from right to left, then there is a solution right away. If vice versa, you’ll have to sort through the options.

This is perhaps the key point in the whole solution. Links "compete for resources." And if we make a connection , capturing a resource (pin of a microcircuit or input/output of a function), then other "consumers" can no longer claim it. Although there are fewer options for them than initially, this is only to our advantage - the number of combinations decreases and, as a result, the time for calculating the solution decreases.

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Connection options for each function block parameter. There is more information, but all possible options are visible - with duplicates and (or) “intersections” of compounds. It remains to choose the right solutions.

This representation is more applicable, since in the previous table, connections are made relative to U1. In the real scheme, most likely there will be no base unit.

Rules of thumb are replaced by random sorting of the list of "candidates for the throne." Oddly enough, this helps to find a solution very quickly. Lacking Experience, system knowledge, or even design skills, to a first approximation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationships there are in the system: chaos + sequence find a solution.

At the output of the algorithm, we get a list of relationships that form a new system - a scheme with predetermined input and output parameters . It remains for us to connect the blocks according to the list or load the list into a certain IT system.

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Like in childhood: do it - understanding will come later.

We cannot know everything and understand everything, but if there is a step-by-step instruction for an unfamiliar device or for actions in an unfamiliar environment, it is better to follow it. After all, this sequence is most likely the result of experience... many hours of deliberation and attempts by other people and (or) machines.

Why don’t we save this time, moving towards the goal ?.