ITKarma pictureArticle and voting on whether it is possible to use Xiaomi app store together or (God forbid) instead of Google Play, if you're a developer. Applications are published almost manually on the GetApps Console side by Xiaomi employees themselves. The application disappears after the update and is not available, neither the new nor the old version of the application. While the number of Xiaomi mobile devices in Russia is more than 17% *

An app with over 1,000,000 users on Google Play.

I would like to hear the official answer of Xiaomi


I’m developing a mobile application and hosted it on Google Play.

Then he found out that some third company posted it on Xiaomi GetApps.

I wanted to control the process of publishing applications in Xiaomi GetApps myself

To do this, it was necessary to sign an empty project with your key, in my opinion. It worked out.


And now, recently, I decided to update my application in Xiaomi GetApps.

I uploaded a new version (I had to download the application icon and a description of not only innovations, but also a description of the application each time).

I look, and the distribution region is only Mainland China.

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And you cannot choose another, although the application is available in the GetApps client in Russia.

Well, I think, okay, I sent it for verification.

For a week it lay there and there was no decision on the new version.

Suddenly a funny letter arrives:

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Like, users are asking for a new version that you don’t post it?

I am writing to the return address:

Well, they say, I have already posted a new version, why aren’t you reviewing my application?

Almost immediately, a refusal to publish a new version of the application comes and the current version of the application is also removed from publication .

The reason is that the application is not translated into Chinese.

I say: So I don’t want to distribute my application in China, I want to in the USA, Europe and Russia.

They almost immediately: Ok. log out and go to the developer console again.

I go to the developer console and see the following:

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Well, Russia is, thanks already. What about Ukraine? What about the CIS? What about Europe? Represented only by Spain?

Okay, I think, let there be only Russia, I want to publish a new version ( the current version of the application has not been published after Xiaomi advised me to exit the console and transferred me to its new version ).

I want to publish, and the publish button is blocked.

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Well, I removed disabled="disabled"

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Then at least mistakes began to appear. First, GetApps told me that since the application is only in Russian, it can only be published in Russia. Are there obviously no Russian speakers in/to Ukraine, Belarus and Germany? Although there are no European countries at all in my GetApps console, except Spain.

There were still some 1-2 errors, I corrected.

Well, I think I'll publish it. I click and see:

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I see a Null error. What am I supposed to do? wrote to
Zero reaction.

At this time, the current version of the application was not published , although it was published more than a year before.

I wanted to call the Russian representative office of Xiaomi by calling the hotline
+ 7-800-775-66-15, the autoinformer answers me that the subscriber is not available.

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Audio response sound:

It was 07/06/2020 at 11:59

at 14:45 the hotline phone is working. You can write about this about everything at, while waiting for an answer from

upd 06.07.20 15:56 : I wrote to, put it in a copy of and gave a link to this article.
17:37 Zero reaction, even letters weren’t sent back.

By the way, GetApps gives only 400 characters to the description of the application.

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For the description of the application give 400 characters, Carl.

And for the description of innovations give 500 characters:

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GetApps console now shows that the application is not published on GetApps:

I still omitted that, as they answered me in Chinese.

Xiaomi GetApps is a fairy tale.

An app with over 1,000,000 users on Google Play.
I would like to hear the official answer of Xiaomi

* Number of mobile devices Xiaomi in Russia more than 17% .