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In Innopolis regularly hosts meetings for developers. In the city of IT there are always those who want to learn something new and discuss technology. So far, there is no way to conduct events offline, so we suggest meeting on July 2 online and talking about mobile development. The program has two reports and a discussion with the moderators and viewers of the broadcast. Under the cut speakers talk about their reports.

Do you know everything about Android Jetpack?

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Kirill Rozov, Mobile Lead, Replika/Android Broadcast

Android Jetpack is growing at an incredible pace and is already in any modern Android application. Now it’s hard to imagine development without this set of libraries. Keeping track of all the news is not easy, so I’ll review the latest API and the future AndroidX library.

I’ll dwell on the practices that developers may have missed in the latest Jetpack updates. I’ll highlight new features that make code easier and more efficient.

I invite you to listen to the report of practicing Android developers. You will learn how to integrate Dagger 2 with Fragment (without Hilt) and which KTX APIs are dangerous to use.

Server Driven UI Design Templates

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Nikita Rusin, Platform lead, Bureau Bureau »

I’ll tell you about the approach to designing and implementing the most flexible client-server protocol with a focus on the API and its use cases. On projects, there are often tasks to create payment forms or receipt screens. Such screens with dynamic content and logic cannot be adequately implemented without the SD UI.

The topic is most relevant in the development of mobile and desktop applications due to the more complex and lengthy process of updating users. But the report will be useful to all developers of both ends, both beginners and those who have serious experience in designing APIs (for inspiration or a pleasant feeling that someone is wrong on the Internet).

Let's figure it out :

  • What are the Hypermedia API and Server Driven UI.
  • How with a little preparation you can rivet 100,500 information screens per day without changing the client code.
  • Ways to implement SD UI on the server and on the client, along with simple examples in Python and Kotlin.
  • How to prepare to implement entire user scripts/new sections on the SD UI without changing the client code.

There will be simple examples without reference to a specific platform and framework. So it doesn’t matter which animals and food you prefer.

Moderators Yuri Novak, a leading systems analyst at RT Labs (Innopolis) and Alexander Simonenko, technical director of Technocracy (Kazan) will discuss the reports with the audience.

We start on July 2 at 17:00

Registration - we remind you of the meeting in a couple of hours

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See you!