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  • Webinar: Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    On the eve of the release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.1, we will talk about the latest additions and improvements to the product, which is an effective innovative IaaS platform that is optimally suited for the tasks of building a hybrid cloud and hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, network virtualization (NFV), peripheral computing (edge), machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Webinar: CI/CD and Kubernetes
    July 16, only with us and only for you - Dmitry Sevostyanov, Honored Architect of Red Hat, will tell about his own view on development and CI/CD:

    1) assembly of a simple application (microservice);
    2) integration of microservices with other applications or services outside the OpenShift cluster;
    3) integration capabilities with Single-Sign-On servers;
    4) transition from simple assembly to conveyors (CI/CD):

    4a) Jenkins Classic Conveyor
    4b) a kubernetes-like tekton-oriented pipeline
    4c) miracle operators - the most advanced solution for the delivery and management of applications.