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We have developers - and these are good developers who are passionate about their work. And they do live streaming, and collectively it's called DevNation . Below are just useful links to live events, videos, meetups, and tech tips.

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June 8, 2020
Bur Sutter . There are two time options - 10:00 and 19:00 Moscow time.

Apache Kafka has taken over the world of asynchronous messages and is now a must-have skill for every Java developer. Stop using batch processes to analyze your data and start doing it in real time with Kafa Streams. In the course we give Apache Kafka and AMQ Streams, as well as tools, terminology and practical exercises.

June 10, 2020
Kamesh Sampath and at 19:00 Bur Sutter .

Kubernetes-native serverless with Knative provides you with the “magic” ability to scale to zero if your application component is underused. In this lesson, we’ll show you how to get started and continue to burn with the awesome features of Knative Serving and Knative Eventing.


June 5, 2020
: Exploring Kubeflow on Kubernetes for AI/ML
local laptop and open up a brave new world. /li>
  • All in one hub - articles, installations, trials, courses, labs to learn about Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Just Install OpenShift Container Platform 4 , it’s already possible.

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    Not Openshift's One!

    • Automate Google’s cloud platform resources with the new Ansible auto-generated modules and Red Hat Ansible Tower credentials at new post .
    • ITKarma pictureRed Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 has new container features, including full support for rootless Podman, Podman Play/generate Kube, and container images for Golang toolset. And in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 there are even more .
    • Six reasons to fall in love this summer - Discover Six ways Camel K transforms developers' work with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Knative on cloud platforms.

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    June 9th
    Webinar: Automating Networks with Ansible

    June 25
    Webinar: CodeReady as a new approach to development

    Webinar entry This is Quarkus - Kubernetes native Java framework .