We continue the theme of design development with machines. Lebedev Studio presented its service , where the logos are made by artificial design intelligence. Can a machine make presentations without human intervention?

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The author of VisualMethod presentation studio, Anna Klischevskaya, tested the 5 most visited services and made a presentation in them. At the end of the article is a summary table with an assessment of the key parameters for developing a presentation in AI services.

1. Beautiful.AI

The service adapts the content on the slides to the selected format, helps to add animation and transitions. For example, adjusts colors and icons to the background or distributes data on a slide.


How much does it cost? You can make 100 slides for free and upload page by page in jpeg. If you need to add a logo, download in pptx or pdf, you will have to pay a subscription - $ 12 per month. The first 14 days are free, we recommend testing. Information on prices hereinafter relevant at the time of preparation of the article.

How does it work? At the start, choose a presentation style from eight templates. Then the title slide opens. In one click you can change the location and style of the patterns, choose a color scheme from harmoniously selected colors, upload a logo, choose a free picture from the built-in database for the plate.

To do this, you can enter a keyword in the search bar, and the system will offer suitable images. In Russian, too, he understands, we tried. The drawings in the database are modern and high quality, you do not need to search manually on the drains.

At the stage of filling the presentation, you have 66 slide templates: basic, for graphs, ratings, timelines, photo and video content, funnels, with a description of the project, product or team. If you need a schedule, then artificial intelligence will take care not to overload the slide with information. He will arrange the graphics, add animation, select a font and prevent adding more than four schemes on the page. Slides can be done in Russian.

If you decide to change the background, the system itself will repaint the elements on the slide in contrasting colors. There is also a large database of icons with different styles. This is convenient because you don’t have to spend time searching on other resources. Icons adjust to fit your size yourself.

What are the disadvantages? Artificial intelligence will not make every slide for you, but will only simplify the work. Another program in English, but easy to understand, because everywhere there are graphical tips. Cannot edit presentation from smartphone.

2. SlideBean

In order for the service to design the slides, you need to choose a design style and add text, pictures or graphics to each page. If the result is not satisfied, you can change the patterns, fonts, location of objects.


How much does it cost? $ 96 a year will cost a starter pack with the ability to download presentations in ppt or pdf. "Premium" with the option to insert a logo and corporate theme - $ 228 per year. No trial period.

How does it work? First, you can choose a suitable template from the database or start making a presentation from scratch. In the starting subscription, 15 design options are open, in the Premium package - more than 120. The system will offer to add text, pictures, video or a graph. Next, she will arrange the slide according to the template that you have chosen, or according to your preferences.

For each page, the bot offers from three design options, depending on the content. They only change the location of objects, the colors need to be adjusted manually. Robot does not evaluate design in terms of readability.

There is a small database of pictures, icons, and popular gifs, such as Billy Elish at the Grammy Awards.

You can add animation to any element of the presentation. A chart growing right on the slide will catch the eye of the audience.

What are the disadvantages? Artificial intelligence makes a fashionable design, but does not understand the meaning of the content. For example, you can get randomly scattered bullets in the listing of company services (as in the princreen of the program above). Therefore, a man can not do. Like the previous platform, SlideBean is in English. But you can do Russian-language slides.

3. SlideBot

The program itself will make a presentation in the style of Presentation Zen - with a background image and a short key phrase. You need to write text for each slide or upload a sketch to word, rtf or pptx.


How much does it cost? $ 19 per month or $ 179 per year - a subscription with the ability to download presentations in ppt, pdf or jpeg. 10 days you can test the service for free. Students and teachers can sign up for $ 7 a month or $ 39 a year.

How does it work? At the beginning, add text for each slide or load the blank into word, rtf or pptx. The bot will pick up the pictures, font and place the text. You will receive a ready-made presentation in an editable format. If you do not like the design, it is easy to fix it manually. You can replace the images, the location and design of the dice, add icons and fix the font.

The developers focused on the archive of pictures. You have more than 25 million drawings in your access. They can be filtered by keywords in English. There is a zoom for photos. It is more convenient than in PowerPoint. No need to stretch the picture manually, the program itself will save the correct proportions and crop the excess. You can apply effects to the photo: black and white photo, pixels, contrast, sepia.

The presentation is convenient to do with a PC, tablet or smartphone. Functionality is available from any device.

What are the downsides? There is no way to add graphs or tables, the program is in English.

“Even a presentation of photographs and a pair of key phrases will keep the attention of the audience if metaphors are hooked. Give preference to real photos of employees, products. If there is no corporate photo archive and still have to work with stocks, then choose an association of not the first, but at least second order. Instead of a yacht or golf on the investment slides, show the buyer with the product or the lighthouse under the big wave, if it is more important for the investor to protect their equity. Try to understand the motives of the audience and push off from them. ”

Victoria Ryndina
co-founder of VisualMethod Information Design Studio, Communications MBA

4. Haiku Deck Zuru

Haiku Deck Service Developer AI Project. Makes simple English-language presentations with a picture for the entire slide from a downloaded draft, Wikipedia article or your text.


How much does it cost? $ 20 is an unedited presentation made by artificial intelligence. If you subscribe for $ 9.99 per month, full access and the ability to add a logo will open. For $ 29.99 a month, the previous features will add more in-depth analytics for presentation views and the ability to record materials for webinars.

How does it work? At the start, the service will offer you to choose a source of content for the slides: download a sketch from another program, insert a link to an article from Wikipedia, or write the text manually. In all three cases, the source text must be in English.

After you add the content, the bot will ask you to select keywords for each slide. It will filter the pictures and you just have to click on the one you like.Further, the program itself will arrange a presentation. You can modify the materials only after subscribing.

In theory, for a presentation based on a wiki article, you can choose the size: 5 slides, 30 or 50. In practice, it doesn’t matter if there are 14 points in the squeeze from the topic, you get 14 slides.

What are the disadvantages? $ 20 is an overpriced price for a draft presentation, provided that you still need to choose photos from the gallery by hand. To find the right picture in the archive you need to spend a lot of time: some of the images with large objects, some are too bright.

Service in English. Given these shortcomings, we recommend that you pay attention to other programs from the list or the main Haiku Deck application without an intelligent assistant.

5. Office Sway

The program from Microsoft is the only one in our review in Russian.
For Habr’s readers, the criterion of “English speaking” may not be critical at all. For a wide audience this is important. If you know good analogs in Russian, please recommend in the comments.

The service places text and illustrations on the selected template, searches for images in Internet search engines by keywords. Built-in recommendations for the structure and content of the presentation. Following them, the slides will be clear and meaningful.


How much? Free.

How does it work? First enter your username and password from your Microsoft account. If you have Skype, you can log in with the same data here. When you start working on a presentation, you will see a template with the recommended structure and tips on how the content on each slide should be (see the example above). This is convenient for those who are just starting to make presentations.

Next, select pictures for the slides: upload your own or search in the built-in search engine. Sway has no native image gallery. When the content is ready, the program itself will arrange the page. You can choose the type of presentation presentation: in the form of slides or landing page. Several people can work on the layout at once.

What are the downsides? The presentation cannot be exported to pptx. Only download in word, pdf with fields for printing on a printer or send a link by email or in instant messengers. You cannot edit the Sway presentation phone. You need to go to the site from a PC, Mac or tablet. But you can view or send ready-made materials. Like SlideBot, you cannot add graphs or tables.

We add that even on your computer, if you have PowerPoint, you can check the work of modern artificial design intelligence. Upload a photo or text to the slide, and the program will offer you a design option.

Draw conclusions

As we see from the review, time should still pass before the moment when artificial intelligence learns to make presentations for people at the same level. To do this, he needs to develop creativity and learn to understand the context.

But now, AI services will help reduce the time spent on designing slides, searching for photos, icons and choosing colors, if your requirements do not exceed a neat layout and you have time to refine the work of the robot.

Keep a checklist with rating services:


Do you dream that the car would draw slides for you or don’t entrust this work to anyone? :).