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SoundCloud clone

SoundCloud is an online platform for distributing audio and sharing music. The site allows you to download songs, like them and share them.


What you learn by creating a SoundCloud clone: ​​

  • How to download and store songs in the database.
  • To all the basics of working with a media player - how to play tracks, rewind them, pause, etc.
  • How to share tracks with friends.
  • How to display a graph showing the duration and progress of a song.

Clone of Jira

Jira is used for bug tracking, problem monitoring and project management. The name “Jira” actually comes from the Japanese word “Gojira,” which means “Godzilla.”

What you learn by creating a clone of Jira:

  • HTML Drag and Drop API .
  • Formation of roles and user rights.
  • Assigning and reassigning tasks between different users.
  • Mark tasks as completed, as well as archive, delete, and edit various tasks.

Clone of Apple Stocks

Apple Stocks makes it easy to keep track of stocks and the stock market. View quotes and daily dynamics in a custom list, as well as click on any item to see an interactive chart and key details.


What you learn by creating the Apple Stocks clone: ​​

  • How to get stock prices via API asynchronously.
  • How to create stock price charts.
  • Sending price notifications. So, for example, if the stock price rose or fell by 10%, send an alert.
  • A list of your favorite stocks that you are actively following.

Use this API to get stock price information. If you know the free and public stock market API, please post it in the comments below.

Clone of chess

Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares in an 8x8 grid.


What will you learn by building a chess clone: ​​

  • How to display an 8x8 grid.
  • Each piece has certain rules that dictate how it can move around the chessboard. Therefore, it is necessary to implement logic critical for the game in order for the game to comply with traditional chess rules. Here are the rules of the game of chess .
  • HTML Drag and Drop API .
  • How to keep track of points, keep track of wins, losses and draws. How to store results in a database like PostgreSQL .

Text spoken

An application that reads text for people with speech limitations. Text-to-speech solutions make your products and services more appealing to different user groups.

What can you learn by building a clone of the voice orator:

  • How to use the Web Speech API .
  • How to create a responsive user interface.
  • How to switch between different voices and accents.

Currency rate calculator

A currency exchange calculator calculates the difference between two or more currencies and their rates.

What can you learn by building a clone of a currency calculator:

  • How to get exchange rates from the API - use this API .
  • How to display cost and exchange rates for both currencies.
  • How to update values ​​in real time depending on changes in the value of the currency.

Clone Discord

Discord is a voice and text chat that combines all-in-one for gamers, while it is free, safe and works both on the desktop version and on smartphones. Discord is extremely popular for communication among developers, gamers and ordinary users.


What you learn by building a Discord clone: ​​

  • Websocket API . Web sockets are used in chat rooms for real-time communication.
  • Forming various user roles and permissions (for example, administrators, content moderators, and regular users).
  • Activate microphones and launch voice communications.
  • Create multiple chats and use multiple web sockets.


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