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Almost everyone periodically needs to sort out a new field, conduct research, or quickly find very highly specialized information. But the search engine does not always understand us. We are trying hard to explain: we introduce large sentences to replace short phrases. We scour the pages and links. And, probably, in a few hours we find in some pdf document a request that had to be entered from the very beginning.

It is not always easy to express your informational need for a search query. The necessary terminology may be missing, or you are still not quite sure what you are looking for, and when you see the possible options, you will immediately understand what you need. Or maybe what you are looking for is generally difficult to put into a concise search query.

We have compiled tools OSINT , which will make research on the network faster, more useful and, possibly, more enjoyable. Most of the collected resources are in English, free and without registration.

Help you understand what to look for generally

1. OneLook

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This is a dictionary that selects words and phrases, somehow related to your request. Here you can quickly find definitions of certain words - the result will come from different dictionaries.

2. Keyword Tool

The platform shows keywords for the entered query in any language and in any country. Some queries even show how popular they are, although this service is paid. You can search for keywords on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Bing.

Searching for Google, you can, for example, select key phrases that contain interrogative words or prepositions. And on the left there are filters where you can search by keywords already in the resulting SERP.

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3. Answer the Public

Here you enter the word you are interested in and get query options with it that people are looking for. There is a choice of languages, including Russian. This is how the section with queries containing question words looks.

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The only negative is that in the free version you can search only about 3-4 queries per day.

Lead to the source by the handle

These are site reference pointers. They are arranged on thematic folders sites. You need to select a topic of interest and see what the platform editors have carefully selected for you.

4. Dmoz

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It will help you understand what information you need by suggesting your options. Allows you to find the exact site by navigating you from folder to folder and shortening the search area.

5. Web Directory

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The choice here is not very large, but it may come in handy. Each link has a brief description from the platform editors, which reduces the time it takes to view each resource.

Sort the results into thematic groups

6. Open Knowledge Map

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The resource provides all materials with open access from BASE (a search engine for a huge number of scientific materials) and PubMed (a database of medical and biological publications). You can filter by the format of the materials - audio, books, maps, patents, reports, software, videos, scientific abstracts, etc.

The feature of the resource is that it shows the issue on demand in the form of thematic circles. They touch and intersect. The closer the circles are to each other, the more related their topics will be. In the center are those that have the strongest objective similarity with all the other circles on the map. On the right you can search by keywords already within the resulting map. Pointing the mouse at a circle, you can see how many documents there are on the topic of this circle. If you click on the circle, it increases, and you can select the appropriate document.

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Moreover, the platform has software , with which you can visualize your own set of documents in the same manner.

The downside is that the platform produces only 100 of the most relevant results. Although for someone it is, on the contrary, a plus, as it reduces the search time.

7. Carrot 2

This is a search engine that distributes search results by thematic folder and shows in the form Paychart and Trimapa . You can select the type of clustering algorithm. Here:

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By the way, if during a search, Carrot shows you this, then simply change the country in the VPN and refresh the page.

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Search → select the folder of interest → the results will be on the right.

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This is what Treemap looks like if you look for metamodernism in Carrot:

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The platform is also convenient because it searches immediately for 15 search engines (including Google, Yandex, Bing).

8. BizNar

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BizNar is touted as a resource for finding business information: market research and various industries. The platform searches on the Deep web (not the same as the Dark web) - results are displayed that are not indexed by the usual search engines. Includes search by patents and social networks. Also BizNar prepares delivery by thematic folders and as a share card (click “visual” on the left).

After entering the request, there is a graph at the bottom left in which year how many materials on the topic were published. You can select a year, and the publication will display publications only for this period.

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9. World Wide Science

Search for international and national research bases. The request can be entered in any of the proposed languages ​​(including Russian). If you want to receive notifications by mail about the appearance of new materials, you will need to register.However, this feature is only available for English sources.

Issuance can be filtered by various indicators, and it is also sorted by topic.

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There is a map on the home page. When you click on a country of interest, a list of databases for which the platform can search is displayed.

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Everything in one place

10. Fagan Finder

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The platform has collected a huge number of diverse search resources, divided into groups. Here you will find, for example, search engines only by encyclopedias, only by documents, by articles from magazines or, finally, by presentations. In the general search, you can search not only by pictures and videos, but also by audio or by groups and forums. On the first page, scrolling below, you can get short guides to each source.

What is collected here can not be found through a regular search engine, because the source of information may not be online, the search may not be important enough, or it may not be published in the form in which the search engine has access to it.

Finds a mention of your request in all popular social networks and not only

11. Hash At It

The tool searches for hashtags, keywords, URLs, and profile references. Immediately produces the latest results, but by choosing a specific social network in the filter, you can quickly see older results.

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If you register on the site, it will be possible to subscribe to a specific hashtag or request in order to immediately receive new posts on the topic.

12. Social Search

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Searches for mentions in social networks and search engines. Interestingly, in the list of social networks on which he searches, there is VK. Usually foreign search engines do not include it. Here you can also set up email notifications of new publications upon your request.

Quick search on the news to keep abreast of all trends on a topic of interest

13. Watson News Explorer

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This is such a news bank. Here you can learn how personalities, companies, and news relate to each other. The platform will tell you what topics, persons, organizations are more or less related to your request. The map on the right shows which country is the source of information, you can filter the issuance by specific countries.

You can configure your search so that it searches only by people, companies, or nonprofits. And an advanced search will allow you to find the connection between the two queries.

The resource provides data for the last month, and the bottom line displays the time line when which materials were published.

14. World News

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This is a resource with all the possible news, including in different languages. You can simply search by keywords for all messages, or you can choose a country and topic. Also, by the way, here can be searched on the radio and podcasts in different countries. If you click on “Classic” in the upper right corner, a more detailed search will open - everything is sorted by topic and subtopic and is easier to search.There is a mobile application.

15. News Now

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Here are all the latest news in one heap. From the small flags next to the heading, you can see where this message came from. News can be filtered by country or topic. Here you can also see which news is most viewed and read.

16. All You Can Read

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Choose a country, and the issuance gives all the possible online media that are in this country. Plus, you can sort by specific topics. One of the largest news resources with magazines and newspapers from around the world. However, keyword searches are not provided here.

Deliver the necessary information directly to your e-mail

These tools will track the emergence of new materials on the topic, and will also help with monitoring changes on the sites you are interested in.

17. Google Alert

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The tool automatically notifies by e-mail of new materials on the topic. In order to use it, you need a Google account.

And so, we enter the request that we want to monitor. Open “More options” and see how we can customize our search. “Auto-selection” here means that the information will come from all kinds of sources. But you can choose one. For example, you are only interested in new books on the topic. “Only the best results” in the “Quantity” section means that information will come only from resources with a good reputation.

18. Visual ping

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Are you waiting for the results of the competition, the appearance of discounts on airline tickets or are you tracking changes in the law? This resource will send you a notification when something changes on the link you specified. The program takes a screenshot and compares it with the previous one. So she notices the change. Chrome Extension helps you create new notifications right from the site you’d like to track. You can also create group notifications in Slack (for more details on how to configure them, see the FAQ at the bottom). Excellent suitable for tracking changes in competitors.

The “pre-check actions” function helps automate a specific action before a new check-screenshot. For example, you need to enter a password, close the pop-up window, or click on the button. How to use it in more detail here and here (more advanced use).

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You can configure notifications to be sent to you only when the keyword you specify appears.

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The free version has limitations on the number of checks.

19. Watch That Page

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This resource is simpler than the previous one. For example, it does not analyze changes in images, only text and links. However, for personal accounts, you can do an almost unlimited number of checks here.

In one letter, all updates on the sites you specify come. But you can also divide links by topic - the resource will send them in separate letters.For each site you can choose: you just want to find out that something has changed there and check it yourself; or immediately receive these changes in the letter yourself. This explains how to quickly add new tracking sites.

Extensions that will speed up your regular search

20. Selection Search

Install the extension → select the text of interest → the extension offers options where you can search for information on this request.

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21. Infinite Scroll for Google

Here, everything is elementary simple - you do not need to click on the next page of search results once again. You just scroll down, and the extension automatically opens new results for you.

22. Search Preview

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The extension allows you to immediately see what the site looks like so that you don’t need to go to it in vain. Supports Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing.

What else could come in handy

23. Wolfram Alpha

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This is a kind of search engine that does not look for resources where you can find answers, it immediately gives answers. It analyzes files of various kinds, makes complex calculations, gives exact characteristics of the selected object, compares and so on.

To understand how to work with it, the resource offers application examples . Wolfram Alpha is perfect if you need to quickly find out some accurate data on work in the fields of finance, sociology, medicine, transport, chemistry, engineering, statistics, linguistics, etc. It can be used for training and just for answers to everyday questions.

24. Gigablast

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This is a simple and intuitive search engine, it has no ads, there is privacy and a directory of sites. And also a large list dorkov for effective search.

25. Symbol Hound

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A search engine that does not ignore special characters, such as & amp ;,%, π, so it is useful when searching for information about the selected programming language.

26. Digle

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In the end, you can ask someone to find the information you need for the money or make money on the search yourself.

P.S. We tried our best to choose the most convenient and high-quality resources among analogues, but if it’s still difficult for you to choose (oh this constant choice in our life), take the very first one offered in each section. Good luck!