Avito Academy of Analysts starts in September, a free program for those who are interested in learning how to work with data. Applications are already open, you can register for the course until July 16.

The course lasts nine months, during which students will immerse themselves in the specifics of the analyst and learn basic skills from applied statistics to SQL and Python. Experienced teachers from Avito, Sbertekh, Citimobil and the Higher School of Economics will help along this path.

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Who should use the program

The Academy of Analysts program is designed for students of recent undergraduate or graduate courses and graduates. By university specialization, we focus on mathematics, statistics, physics or computer science. We expect students to learn about mathematical statistics, probability theory, and the basics of programming. The language in which you write the code is unimportant.

How are the classes

We will study in a mixed format - both online and offline in the Avito Moscow office . If the office is still closed, the entire course will be held remotely. For classes you will need your laptop.

The program is designed for 15 hours a week:

  • 3 lessons of 3 hours in the evening on weekdays;
  • 6 hours homework.

Each student will be supported by a curator and mentor from experienced Avito analysts.

Course program

There are two semesters in the course program: from September to December 2020 and from January to May 2021. From December 28 to January 10 we will go on holidays.

In the first semester, students will learn:

  • Applied statistics.
  • SQL and Databases.
  • Python.

In the second semester of courses more:

  • Econometrics.
  • Experiments.
  • Metrics.
  • Machine learning.
  • Data visualization.

You can read more about the content of each course at Academy Landing .

All courses of the program are compulsory. To graduate from the Academy, a student needs to successfully complete each of them. Success criteria are different everywhere: from cumulative points to the final exam.

How to enroll in the Academy

You can sign up until July 16 in the form on the Academy landing page . Put it on the record for about half an hour: you will need to write detailed answers in several questions of the questionnaire.

The receipt will have several steps:

  1. Receive applications.
  2. The first stage of testing is from July 17-19. This is an online test that will take two hours. It will be necessary to solve problems in probability theory, mathematical statistics, and the basics of programming in any language.
  3. The second phase of testing is the July 25 online exam.
  4. Interview with Avito analytics team - from August 10 to 23.
  5. Start of training in September.

Tell about your program to your friends and relatives who are interested in analytics and work in IT companies. If you want to clarify something about the Academy, you can write analytics-academy@avito.ru for all questions.

Advanced Course

The Academy of Analysts will have a sequel - an advanced course. Students who successfully complete the first year will be able to continue their education and improve their level. The second year of study is optional, you can sign up for it at will.

The program of the second year includes algorithms, even more machine learning and the skills necessary for the analyst to work with business customers. The announcement of the second year of the program will be later, stay with us.