IT companies are launching their own training programs - how do they differ from university ones, who can be of help to them, why are businesses needed and are they guaranteed to get a job? Heads of educational projects and IT departments of Ozon, Yandex,, Sberbank and the most famous headhunter Runeta Alena Vladimirskaya will help answer these and other questions. We meet already on Thursday, July 16, at 18:00 at the online meeting “Education in IT.”


Alena Vladimirskaya, headhunter


  • Anton Stepanenko, CTO Ozon
  • Olga Augustan, Head of Research and Education, Mail.Ru Group
  • Svetlana Nokhrina, Partner Relations Director, School 21 (Sberbank project)
  • Anastasia Fatykhova, leader in the area of ​​work with Yandex.Practicum experts

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