I am not hr and not a lawyer. I am an ordinary worker who has faced different situations and am learning to deal with them. I hope this text and my experience will help you.

It’s different in life: they decided to reduce you, a cheaper employee was found in your place, or your views do not coincide with the views of the company. And so, they tell you that they decided to fire you.

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Your task during this period is to get everything that you have earned, namely:

  • salary for working days;
  • non-vacation holidays;
  • compensation if you were fired/laid off.

But when we are fired, the earth leaves under our feet, we are lost and we are scared. At such moments, we feel most vulnerable. And we are angry because layoffs are not always fair. In such situations, it’s easy for employers to save money on you. If you want to get your own, you need to be bolder and pull yourself together.

First you need to understand what rights you have.

In order to be confident in your abilities, you need to know what you are entitled by law. Like for example:

  1. You must be notified in 2 weeks;
  2. upon dismissal, you must be paid compensation in the amount of at least 2 salaries.
  3. upon dismissal, you must be paid vacation pay and salary for days worked.

I won’t dive further into the labor code - many articles have been written about this and you can read it yourself, for example, here base. garant.ru/12125268

Codex is good. But we all know that employers can skillfully circumvent the law. And most likely, you will not receive full compensation. Not everyone has the resources to fight the employer in court, but there are a number of rules of thumb to protect yourself and get the most out of your life.

If you are officially arranged, then just like that they cannot fire you in one day. You will be warned in 2 weeks and, most likely, will be asked to sign at their own request. So, rule number 1:

If you don’t leave work yourself, don’t sign on your own.

The employer asks you about this, only to save money. Often scare that the entry in the work book “fired” can adversely affect your career. But this is all nonsense. If you leave on your own, then you won’t be paid a damn - only working out for 2 weeks and vacation pay.

Do not sign a contract until you receive the exact amount of compensation.

Rule number 2 follows from this:

Check the amount you will be paid.

Okay, you didn’t agree to sign it “on your own” and you were even promised to pay the money. But companies that pay money according to the scheme “part white - less, part gray - more” can pay you compensation under white salary.
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Let's say your sn - 80 thousand. Of these, 50 is gray and 30 is white. See what I'm leading to?

You may be promised that you will be paid vacation pay, salary and compensation. You count on a certain amount and sign the paper. And on the day of payment you receive an amount 3 times less.

Do not sign the papers until you specify and write down the exact amount of the payment. In some cases, you can even agree to sign the papers only after paying the full amount.

Rule number 3: talk to fired colleagues.

Surely in your company there are rumors about the employee who was fired. Write to this person and if he doesn’t mind, ask how he was fired and whether everyone paid. In such a conversation, you can learn about the tricks that hr goes to so that the company pays you as little as possible.

And what about those who are unofficially organized?

If you are fired from official work, this is not so bad. A real headache in informal work.

You need to start before dismissal, while you work, collect all the evidence of your employment: contracts, NDA, corporate letters and so on.

You can be fired from such work on the same day, and in most cases they will. And if you don’t get paid, then I know only 2 ways to get your money:

1 - Persistently ask for money. If you call/write to the employer 2 times, this will not help. In some cases, you have to call several times a day. And in some come to the office. It may help.

2 - If after weeks of calls you are not paid, go to the labor inspectorate. They will help you there.

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By the way, about the labor inspection. Many workers record a conversation with hr on a voice recorder. In some cases this helps. And in some lawyers, companies may disarm you. The fact is that in some cases such a recording may be made illegal if you did not warn about the recording in advance.

To file a complaint against the employer, go to this site: git78.rostrud.ru Be careful and follow only this link, in this field there are a lot of scammers. Do not provide your personal information and do not pay anyone. For example, here are these dishonest people they take money, they say that the victory is 100%, but in the end they do nothing.

I wanted to tell you about my stories in this post and how I struggled with employers, but the material turned out to be too voluminous. Therefore, she broke it into 2 parts. I will publish it later and give a link in this text.

In the meantime, you can read my tg channel, there I write about how to find a job and not burn on it my numerous stories from work: t.me/podhodite.