We invite you to the online meeting of DINS QA EVENING, it will be held on July 9 at 19:00.

This evening Dmitry Krasilnikov from DINS will tell you why the tester should build a CI/CD, and explain how to do it. Dmitry Borisov from Nexign will talk about the evolution of tools and quality assurance approaches on a large project.

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19: 00-19: 40 - QAOps, or why should the tester build CI/CD
Dmitry Krasilnikov, DINS

We all love the small releases and microservices that make them exist. After all, the smaller our services, the more there are, therefore, we release more releases. But without automation of supplies, they will all be stuck in the queue for a deployment from the operating team, and as soon as we encounter this, our microservices will become services, and services will become monolithic monsters. Which, in turn, leads to an increase in regression and the number of flaky tests that will kill continuous integration. Using our cloud-based distributed system as an example, I’ll show you how to build a continuous delivery process under SLA 99.999 and move on to microservices.

The report will be useful to leading experts and managers.

Dmitry Krasilnikov - Sr. QA Engineer. Good tester and bad person. Yesterday I completely broke the applications for Smart TV, and today it keeps the DINS developers in suspense.

19: 40-20: 30 - Development of a pipeline for the development of autotests on the example of a large project
Dmitry Borisov, Nexign

The report is dedicated to the evolution of quality assurance tools and approaches in a large project. With the increase in autotests and developers, the number of problems and risks grows, and we will discuss how they can be curbed. Let's consider the general approaches that can be used to solve the problems of the project, as well as the positive and negative aspects of automation testing development pipeline.

The report will be of interest to developers of autotests and QA-team leaders who are interested in automating checks of their code and simplifying the process of code review.
Dmitry Borisov - Leading Software Engineer, TeamLead of the Integration and System Testing Automation Group at Nexign. Dmitry and the team implemented a test automation framework for the bss solution of a major mobile operator in Python and Robot Framework.

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