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July 7, at 20:00 in our social networks will be a live broadcast with Vyacheslav Dreer. Glory monetizer, game designer and game producer with 12 years of experience. He worked in the gaming divisions of web mani,, Photo countries and took part in more than 50 other projects.

Why go on the air?

Fame is the representative of the most hated profession: a monetizer of games, the same person who places paid game buns on the player’s path. This is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, monetizers are moving the gaming industry, providing employees with a salary and giving them the opportunity to develop and support a project, and on the other, their work is annoying for users, especially if it is done clumsily and poorly. Glory can tell how to monetize games elegantly and profitably.

In addition, Slava has extensive experience in managing teams and producing games from and to.

What Glory Will Tell About:

  • All about the monetization profession: who are these people who throw paid buns around the game and how to do it right
  • Where do the large layers of games come from in which people play with interest, but the game does not earn? What does monetizer do with such games?
  • In what cases are monetizers needed in the project?
  • 4 archetypes of users: a hardcore player, a schoolboy, a housewife and an office employee who just plays to relax. 4 lives that monetizer lives with every game
  • Illiterate collection of analytics in games: how to do it if you do not want to stay with the popular game on the zeros
  • The mathematics of the cost of goods in games: how to calculate the value of each bun and create them so that they are bought
  • Why can’t you do fair games where everyone has equal opportunities?
  • How to count the balance of games: balance and pseudo-balance, 2 types of pseudo-balance of PVE and PVP, why it is necessary to consider a complex balance and how to do it
  • The most important person in the game team is the game programmer. Why?
  • Can a high-level specialist exist outside of large companies? How to do this?
  • Are there really people who single-handedly created world-class games?
  • Is it possible to create a game almost for free?
  • Who is such a good manager, how to become one and how to recruit a cool team?
  • The two most important qualities of a manager?
  • What should I do if I have worked in the industry for 8 years, but there are no special achievements - what conclusions should I draw about myself and how to analyze my work? Should I do this further? Do companies need such people?
  • Why is it a bad practice to kick out toxic people from a team? Why are these people one of the most valuable in the team? Are they a problem, should they be avoided? Do they exist at all?
  • What books and lectures should be read before you make your own game?

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Where will the stream go

This stream will only be available on our Instagram account

If you hate push notifications, you can only subscribe to the push of a specific account.

This is very simple
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Will there be a record?

If you do not have time to listen to the broadcast online, you can still ask a question and hear the answer in the recording.

In order not to forget to watch the recording, you can also enable notification of new posts: as soon as you post the recording to IGTV, you will receive notification.

До встречи в эфире!

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