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It was the usual gray St. Petersburg (rainy Moscow) evening, it was the n th day of self-isolation - the day on which I decided to change my profession, and therefore my life. But rewind a little back...

Background - A little about high school

... Well, just a little bit, almost exactly six years - at a time when I was a student of almost the second year of radio engineering specialty (and even with a military bias) at one regional university. And the word almost here means passing the course in computer science - the last leap that separated me from the successful passing of the session and the perfectly boring vacation of a nonresident student.

Behind two semesters of university informatics, at the lectures on which nothing really was given, except for empty motivational speeches of the teacher: “ radio technicians must be able to code, then employers will tear off your hands !! 1! ”. But how to “comprehend Zen” C++, where it is useful in practice and what we do here, no one has explained. So it’s quite possible to consider uncle-lecturer info gypsy even before it became mainstream (after all, 2014 is in the yard). Yes, of course, there were laboratory works that conducted them quite smart, although not very interested in the graduate student himself (and, as a result, not interested in us), but from a group of ~ 30 people understood something. Of course, it would be worth mentioning here about the quality of higher education in the regions, but it hurts, so we won’t.

The term paper was eventually bought (written by her office on Delphi ), the teacher, of course, was not accepted, and I had to spend the night writing something similar, but on the pluses. The topic was fairly elementary - a desktop application that resembled a “travel agency database”. What problem ( none ) is such a solution. A creepy-looking exe shnik was introduced - " you can see what he did, let’s get an account ." And that’s all my programming experience is over ( here should be a famous meme with a policeman ).

But by the fifth year I had to indirectly return to it. The teachers again brought up the barrel organ about the need to code and even put extra points for laboratory work using programming skills. Still also not experiencing much interest in coding, I subjugated to this matter and per aspera ad astra (through thorns to the stars ( lat .)) Defended everything without additional pluses.

Here is a diploma. The group is quite large, we were united by three students with one topic, and for some coincidence, I ended up in the top three with a teacher who loved students with the knowledge (even if initial) of any YP. My friend, who shared my diploma writing in the top three, nevertheless decided to leave his specialty and already worked part-time at one of the IT companies developing software for medical facilities (his path is can be read here ). Without really understanding anything in the pros, I came to the court in my specialty, that is, to be responsible for the radio technical side of the issue.

To the question of young professionals

5 diploma, suitcase, train station, Moscow, and here I am in the army. Three years of obligation (my duty to the state for training), and then who wants where and no one keeps anyone. Having decided not to connect my life completely with heaven in boots, I began to look for ways to retreat.

So we come to the present.
Where to go radio engineer (or what we get for the search “ radio engineer " on the site ):

  • government organizations - I’m running from this;
  • military-industrial complex - a so-so option, for me it’s like an army, but in a factory and in a snuffy jacket, a low salary for the capital, career growth only when the head of the department chokes on matzo, of dubious use of development, they swam and seen in student practice, we know;
  • mobile operators - I did not find any clear-cut vacancies and normal reviews from employees, plus I need my own car, there is an irregular schedule, and in general, when there are no installers, please climb on the BS yourself - not quite what I would like to do;
  • a small percentage of serious (at first glance) private radio engineering companies/offices/companies/design bureaus - the salary is good, but a huge amount of knowledge should take place, and they don’t take beginners to themselves.

Well, again, in all these areas, we run into the notorious EXPERIENCE, which yesterday’s graduate, and even from a regional university, can’t get anywhere. There are also specific requirements and factors: “preferably the formation of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology/MSTU”, the past in law enforcement agencies, thorough knowledge of some GOSTs, strange special software, knowledge of FPGAs — God level, salaries low enough for Moscow, somewhere shift (!) Working method and the list can be further expanded.

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A leading (!) Engineer with such a salary in Moscow will have to
moonlight as wedding and corporate leaders

In no case do I pretend to be the ultimate truth, I am not capricious about the insufficient salary in these vacancies - so young, and already serve 100k per month, no. It’s a shame for the state that the radio engineers are leaving nowhere, who are in batches graduating from universities and nowhere other than the army do not need them, that there are no internship programs, nor are there large corporations willing to take young specialists .

Most of the graduates of regional polytechnics do not go at all in their specialty: radio engineers, CEA designers, power engineers, information security specialists, security engineers - who are in business, who are in the army, who are a pizza delivery man, who are a seller, who are a taxi driver, who are for a penny (and experience) to small firms (while parents help financially), because there is no demand for youth. Thus, the diplomas of these areas are depreciated, and we get the same endless lawyers/managers/economists.

Of course, life is a struggle, and he who seeks will always find it, but in the pace of modern life in a big city, there is no time, of course, to spend six months only interviewing dubious organizations for a guy or a girl who rely only on themselves. And then it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve anything - the career paths indicated above hardly suggest.

Not possessing the skill of a mother’s businessman, not being an adherent of network marketing, and also not ready to work in a taxi or delivery all my life, I decided to try my hand at IT .

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When you try to enter IT

Beginning of the end

Having succumbed to the entreaties of my IT girl, the hints of a friend-programmer, and also having lots of free time for self-isolation, two months ago I decided to start approaching the issue objectively and visited the online intensive Netology with the promising title " How to Become a Programmer ". I was waiting for three two-hour lectures in three evenings. They explained in sufficient detail and with real-time feedback what IT is, what directions there are, YaP, how to figure it out, what to choose, where to start and what awaits in the end.

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At each lesson, different speakers spoke about their areas of work

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It seemed to me that Swift is a rather peculiar and not very common direction for a beginner, although there is an epl technique, and the salary in the market seems to be quite good, but chasing for cranes ( money ) ahead of time, I think, it’s not worth it, as well as believing everything that is written about salaries - it does not lead to anything good (from the experience of finding work while still a student). As well as a small number of trainee vacancies on Swift, when searching on a surface, this option was sent as a minus, but it is quite possible that at a later part of my journey I will begin to learn this language.

Pros and sharpe have been hateful to me since the very university, testing seems to be also not quite mine. For Data science I have far from perfect knowledge of mathematics. Yes, five semesters of scholarship at the university were not in vain, but I did not really want to plunge into the dispersion, NKO, take derivatives, and even more so to associate with this career.

JS I decided to leave for the second stage of my career in order to get closer to full stack. Programming for Android is also not very encouraging, so I decided to stay on Python . The explanation of the choice may have turned out to be quite crumpled, but I watched this intensely with a priori confidence that after it I would go to comprehend the language of the great and powerful Guido Van Rossum .

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A huge number of articles about the ideal choice of a Python as the first language have already been written: about the fact that immersion in programming should be started with it, about the understandable and concise syntax, about Google, YouTube and Instagram, almost completely rewritten on it and in general about that God created the Earth for seven days, and on the eighth wrote print ('Hello world!') precisely in python. Therefore, I will not dwell on the pros and cons of this language.

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And then what?

Being a fan of planning everything in advance, even at the stage of choosing the language I began to think, and who would need me like that. The answer is rather rash, but simple - IT internships . Yes, this is not a full-fledged job, but in addition to pumping your skills, you get the opportunity to work in a team with already-formed specialists, learn from your experience and (by no means illusive) chance of a offer .

There is no sense in telling a lot about internships, there are enough articles about it, you can read in detail in the corresponding section on the websites of your preferred companies. Yes, and I myself have nothing to tell about it yet. It remains only to hope and believe ( cake )

A pretty good short article on how to get started in IT - of course, not without advertising Yandex.Practicum , about the first impressions of which I will try to tell in the next article.

Well, for now, until the end of my current contract there are two years left, and in addition to the main work, I have a little time (mainly in the evenings) to study, try and search, which I actually started almost two months ago.

On Habr, I want to write about all the stages of my journey to the June from scratch (not only about how clever I am, but about failures, mistakes, rash acts, laziness and somewhere lack of knowledge - most likely, this will be at first more) and receive feedback from the habrosociety, which I hope will be valuable.


Perhaps this article will be of little use to anyone, and perhaps it will give an impetus to someone not very decisive.I do not pretend to be a motivator, but I decided to change my life for the better and I hope that I will succeed.


I will be glad to your comments and advice on how a beginner can set sail on the IT world on his own. So far I can’t enter into polemics substantively and on an equal footing, but for this I’m here too - to learn .