Do not plan anything from July 17 to 20, because at this time the annual international competition ICFPC 2020 will take place. Assemble a team and solve the secret task from Contour for three days. To keep abreast of all the news, get tips and not miss registration, subscribe to Twitter .

For 15 years, the Contour team participated in the competition, and this year we were invited to host the ICFPC 2020. We are the first team from Russia to whom the organization was entrusted, and this is very cool! What task we have prepared is still a secret. All participants will learn its terms at the same time on July 17, but already now in Twitter you can see some spoilers.

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Why you need to participate in ICFPC 2020

ICFPC is a team competition. There are many competitions for singles: for example, Facebook Hacker Cup and Google Code Jam . If you like AI for games, then hold great challenges once every 2-3 months. In single events, the top is usually clogged by some geniuses, and in team competitions you can perform well due to perseverance and good organization.

A team can be of any size. There is something to do within the framework of one task: you can implement hardcore algorithms, engage in infrastructure, write code that surrounds hardcore algorithms.

Competition for the thoughtful. The competition lasts three days, so you do not need to be as fast as the Olympiad programmer. There is time to think about the task, understand and implement any algorithm.

Tasks are not trivial. The organizer of the competition changes every year and tries to surpass the previous one, so the tasks are becoming more interesting from year to year. Usually this is a university, so they add references to scientific problems and the classics of computer science to tasks. In addition, ICFPC is dedicated to the scientific conference on functional programming ICFP, and this affects the tasks. Once in a while, you have to read the descriptions in a functional pseudo-language (don’t be afraid, understandable for ordinary people!), And then program virtual machines and compilers.

There is one task! In 72 hours, an unlimited team must solve only one problem. But multifaceted and difficult. It cannot be solved optimally, but it can be solved better than other teams. The most unusual and vivid tasks are the tasks of 2006 and 2007, in which virtual machines inside the virtual machines ruled the ball and also reverse engineering of virtual machines.

About some tasks of the past years we already wrote on Habré. If this is your first time participating, be sure to check out the text green_hippo . There Igor tells how to prepare, what to watch and listen to gain experience and get inspired.

Details of the competition appear on Twitter . There will soon be a link to register.

Best of luck!