Our testers from Novosibirsk missed meetings with like-minded people and prepared an online mitap that should not be missed. Katya Sinko will discuss how to take a proactive position and improve the built processes in the team. Inna Shundeeva will tell you how to become an automation engineer and not to give in to difficulties. And Miro’s Luda Maleeva will share tips on how to organize releases without bugs and what to do if they were found on the battlefield.

When: July 9 at 4:00 p.m. (Moscow time)
Where: Kontur's YouTube channel

Changing processes must not suffer - Katya Sinko, Contour

Many people daily face problems such as fatigue from monotonous work or repeated combat bugs. You can put up with this and wait for the manager to figure it out, but you can take the situation into your own hands, find the cause of the problem and treat it for yourself and for the whole team.

In the report I will tell you what signs of poorly structured processes are found most often, and how we looked for solutions in our team.

Release quality - team responsibility - Lyuda Maleeva, Miro

The critical bug found after the release often leads to the fact that the product is difficult or impossible to use. Fix or rollback changes are expensive. Because of this, we try to prevent bugs as early as possible and use tools that allow you to roll out the hotfix as quickly as possible.

In the report I will tell you how the development and testing process in the company changed, and how, thanks to this, we pumped the quality of releases. I will share the experience and useful tools that we use daily.

5 discoveries: automation diaries - Inna Shundeeva, Kontur

More and more testers are looking towards automation with their hands. But this path seems novice difficult and thorny. And how to become an automation engineer who could?

In the report I will talk about the problems that I myself faced, what lessons I learned and how I did not go out of the way.

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