Hello! My name is Cyril, I have been doing web development for more than 8 years. A few months ago, we began to develop a new project and we had the task of a super fast front, while retaining all the fun of reactive frameworks. Meet Sexy framework!

So, Sexy framework is a reactive Javascript code compiler and analyzer for creating user interfaces. Unlike other frameworks, Sexy is designed to use the full potential of Javascript.

This means that the framework does not work in runtime. He does all the main work at the time of compilation. The framework analyzes your components and translates them into native Javascript with a very small overhead: the maximum bundle weight is only 3.7kb gzip. (if all types of rendering, animation, etc. are used)

In general, Sexy framework was made to work together with server rendering, where it shows the best numbers on Google PageSpeed. For example, the FID value (Fisrt input delay) during hydration of 500 static components takes only 50ms, when NuxtJs is 180ms and Svelte is 500ms.

It wouldn’t be so important if the share of mobile devices on the Internet weren’t about 68% and it’s not just SEO.

You can now use the component approach and normal component testing for regular websites.

Why is he so Sexy?

1. Doesn't work in runtime

All the main work takes place at the compilation level, and in the end you get native and super efficient Javascript that allows you to create fast web applications.

2. Doesn't use virtual DOM

Again, unlike other frameworks, the native DOM is used instead of the virtual DOM.

3. No reactive libraries

Sexy is completely reactive, but does not use any reactive library and, most likely, will never use. Why? Because reactivity is done at the time of compilation. Sexy analyzes all written Javascript code and puts down reactive dependencies manually, for you and for the browser.

4. Partial Hydration

Sexy was designed with the hydrate first approach. That is, it was originally developed so that hydration was as fast as possible in order to increase FID and TTI. On average, the speed at which the client starts working (with SSR) is at least 3 times better than other frameworks.

5. Really Native

Sexy translates all the code into native Javascript instructions, so sexy components are low in weight.

6. Very fast

In addition to fast rendering, Sexy greatly improves hydration, which allows you to use the framework when creating web applications for slow devices. Or... Design applications almost without thinking about performance and all kinds of crutches in the form of lazy hydration.

Work with Sexy framework

There are two ways to start using Sexy framework:

1. Simple - create a web application and start writing code

npx create-sexy-app sexy-app 

And run in developer mode

npm run dev 

2. Complex - Connect libraries manually and configure bundler (webpack)

Learn more in the documentation .

Sexy framework

The framework is in alpha version.

Syntax and single-file components are similar to Vue, but there are a few differences. You can read more in the documentation .

Contributors also need the project, the core team has not yet been formed.