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ITKarma pictureWeb Development

habrScrolling Technology Overview
habrEnough to make it up, hit automation by layout
Google Launches Beta Plugin for Publishing AMP Storis in WordPress
enComplete guide to the dark mode on the web
enDark times of web development
enSelecting a fragment of text: how to link to a specific fragment of text on a web page and highlight it
enProgressive Web Applications: A Practical Guide

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habrTailwindCSS - another framework or a new evolutionary step?
habrSimplifying background patterns with tapered gradients
habrStyling containers for web page content
Creating a simple landing page for 5 minutes using tailwind CSS blocks.
enAccordion Rows в CSS Grid
enПроизводительность — CSS Painting vs. CSS Houdini Paint API
enСсылки нестандартной формы с помощью Subgrid
enПолучение значений CSS Translate с помощью JavaScript
enВыравнивание изображений логотипа в CSS
enДинамический импорт CSS
enНеобычные свойства CSS
enАдаптирующиеся изображения в изменчивых пропорциях контейнера
enКогда строка не разрывается.About options for implementing forced hyphenation in lists
enNew in Chrome: CSS Overview
enWhen Sass and new CSS features collide
enComplete CSS Media Query Guide


habrLazy loading device in popular front-end frameworks
habrHow to get screen, window and web page sizes in JavaScript
habrHack on backward compatible legs - we compile JS for the necessary browsers
Tuples in JS/ES and TypeScript in 2020
videoenWhy the vanilla JavaScript first approach may NOT be the best choice
enSEO Technical Guide with Gatsby.js
enYour blog doesn't need a JavaScript framework
enLearning Regular Expressions: A Beginner's Guide

ITKarma pictureBrowsers

Firefox 78 release
Firefox 78 , technical details for developers
New Edge based on Chromium is distributed along with forced OS update and behaves intrusively
Google Chrome broke its own record, and Windows 10 continues grow

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