A selection of new articles on the Laravel framework. Let's see how encryption works in the framework. Authenticate the user with a fingerprint. We’ll deploy the application using the zero-downtime method. Sparsim data from sites and display in a convenient form. And arrange a video streaming.

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  • On Taylor’s twitter, 80% voted for the models in the app/Models folder. In Laravel 4, models were stored in the app/models folder, then, starting with the fifth version, by default, they were thrown to the root of the app folder. And finally, in the 8th version they again get their own folder :)
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  • Samuel Stancl sold a pdf version of Laravel Clean Code Tactics for $ 10 with a choice of options: light/dark/markdown/printable-markdown/web. Now he has allowed to download it for free: gumroad.com/l/laravel-clean-code/free

  • Judging by the cookie CDMY0CDMY, the site " Electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation " is written in Laravel.

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